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TTL to RS485 -moduuli (MAX3485)

TTL to RS485 -moduuli (MAX3485) TTL to RS485 -moduuli (MAX3485) TTL to RS485 -moduuli (MAX3485)

TTL to RS485 -moduuli (MAX3485)

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Moduuli, jolla esim. Arduinot voivat kommunikoida sarjaväylän kautta pitkien matkojen päässä toisistaan. Voidaan käyttää myös modbus- ym. väyliin liittymiseen.

Muuntaa TTL-tasoisen signaalin RS-485-signaaliksi
Käyttöjännite: 5 V (voi toimia myös 3,3 V)

Lisätietoja englanniksi:

1. The chip has a limited slew rate driver to minimize EMI and reduce signal reflections caused by improperly terminated cables, enabling error-free signal transmission rates up to 500Kbps.
2. Receiver input impedance with 1/4 unit load, supports multi-machine communication, and allows to be connected to the bus of up to 128 devices.
3. This module can be hot-swapped, and there will be no signal lockout phenomenon that occurs when other 485 chips are hot-swapped.
4. The power supply uses chip tantalum capacitors, and uses double capacitors for high and low frequency power supply filtering.
5. Using dual transient suppression diodes, the overvoltage protection performance is better.
6. Using 10Ω current protection resistor, SMD design improves 485 signal integrity.
7. With terminals and welding lead holes, it is convenient for debugging and finalized wiring, and welding leads can improve signal reliability.
8. RS485 and TTL signals are all routed on one side to ensure signal quality and improve signal integrity.
9. A large area of copper is laid to prevent signal interference.
10. Reserve a 2.54mm pin header jack.
11. Reserve 4 positioning holes for convenient and reliable installation.
12. With a 120Ω termination resistor, short R16 to enable the termination resistor.
13. With power supply and RXD, TXD signal indicators, you can have a panoramic view of the sending and receiving status.
14.4P curved pin header leads out for easy testing.
15. Support 3.3V and 5V signal control, more compatible.
16. TTL to 485 automatic flow control module, 485 chip integrated with automatic transceiver function.
17. Support perfect operation of 500Kbps baud rate and below

It is recommended to use 5V power supply for the module (because the 485 signal level range is 2-6V, so the long-distance reliability of 3.3V power supply is reduced), both 3.3V and 5V signal control can be used (Note: The power supply uses 5V, and the signal uses 3.3V to fully support )

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